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 Relaxing, Fun & Rewarding

Therapy for Good provide massage therapy for Event, Marketing, and Corporate purposes. Why not treat your guests or delegates to a wonderful, relaxing 7 minute head & shoulder massage or boost your engagement with potential customers by a foot massage at a busy conference or exhibition. Wedding guests can enjoy mini massages or we can visit your office to provide our services to increase staff productivity. Mini massage is also a wonderful addition to festivals and club nights with both men and women enjoying this equally.


Relaxing, Fun & Rewarding


Fun and Relaxing Entertainment

Therapy for Good have a large Network of fully qualified and insured event therapists. We can provide therapists for almost any event across the UK including:

  • Weddings & Birthdays

  • Hen & Stag Parties

  • Balls, Proms & Christmas Parties

  • Festivals, Clubs and VIP Area



Engage Your Audience

Massage is a tactile form of marketing, renown for its ability to literally connect with your target market. If your looking for the most experiential form of marketing contact us today to discover how we can help you reach your campaign objectives.



Reward & Increase Productivity

Your employees drive your business forward and can determine if your business thrives or  fails. Employee happiness is paramount so why not treat your staff to a well deserved office massage treatment. On-site massage is  a proven method of increasing:

- Employee engagement
- Employee productivity
- Feelings of employee appreciation
- Reduction of sick days
- Fun in the workplace

Voted one of the best places to work in the world, Google do a great job at employee appreciation including on site massage. "The happier an employee is, the more energized they are, the better work that they do. So, Google thinks very carefully about how to create the right environment," said Charles Scrase


"The best thing thats ever happened to me"

Event Guest, Dan Small